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Fallout Shelter Ordinance

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  1. Every officer, board, department, commission, or commissions of the County of Rankin, charged with the duty of preparing specifications, or awarding or entering into contracts for the design, erection, or construction of buildings, or other structures, including additions to existing structures, for the County, shall incorporate or cause to be incorporated in such buildings, or other structures, fallout protection for at least its normal anticipated population which shall meet or exceed the minimum space and fallout protection criteria recommended by the Defense Civil Preparedness Agency, United States Department of Defense, unless exempted from such shelter requirement in accordance with subsection (2) of this ordinance.
  2. The Board of Supervisors may exempt buildings or structures from this requirement by means of letter where they find that such incorporation of fallout shelter will create an additional net cost in the construction of such structure in excess of one percent {1%) of the estimated cost thereof without shelter so incorporated, or that other factors as they may determine make unnecessary or impracticable the incorporation of fallout shelter in such structures.
  3. It shall be the policy of the County of Rankin that fallout shelter be incorporated in all public buildings of the County to the fullest extent practicable in order to provide protection against radiation for the greatest number of people in the event of nuclear attack.
  4. This ordinance shall take effect on November 3, 1975.