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Table of Contents

ARTICLE I – General

100:      Title

101:      Purpose

102:      Scope

103:      Procedure

104:      Rankin County Board of Supervisors Participation in Development Costs

105:      Definitions


ARTICLE II – Plat Procedure

200:      Pre-Application Conference (All Development)

201:      Preliminary Plat Submittal Package

202:      Property Description:

203:      Final Plat Submittal Package:

204:      Application


ARTICLE III – Required Improvements and Design Standards

301:      Master Drainage Plan and Rough Grading

302:      Public Access

303:      Private Streets/Gated Developments

304:      Easements

305:      Floodplain Areas

306:      Stormwater Detention /Retention

307:      Streets (Private and Proposed Public)

308:      Drainage

309:      Potable Water

310:      Sanitary Sewer

311:      Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

312:      Lighting

313:      Landscaping

314:      Lakes

315:      Signage

316:      Utility Crossings

317:      Construction Documents (Drawings and Specifications)

318:      County Review

319:      Record Drawings:


ARTILCE IV - Miscellaneous

401:      Penalties

402:      Amendments

403:      Validity

404:      Repealer

405:      Fees

406:      Effective Date




ARTICLE I – General


100:                 Title

100.01:            This ordinance shall be known as the “Rankin County Development Ordinance” and may be so cited.


101:                 Purpose

101.1    :            This ordinance has as its purpose and is designed to:

101.1.1        :       Establish procedures governing the review of residential, commercial, and industrial development, on both subdivided and non-subdivided property within the County.

101.1.2        :       Establish procedures and requirements for filing land subdivision plats. 101.01.03:                Establish minimum requirements and standards for land subdivision plats. 101.01.04:  Establish minimum requirements and standards for infrastructure improvements within property being developed.

101.1.5        :       Establish procedures to evaluate the impact of the proposed development on existing facilities, infrastructure, and residents.

101.1.6        :       Establish penalties for failure to adhere to the provisions of this ordinance. 101.01.07:       Establish procedure for Rankin County to vary or amend portions of this ordinance under certain cases or conditions.


102:                 Scope

102.1    :            It shall be unlawful for any person or entity to lay out, subdivide, re-subdivide, plat or re-plat any land into lots, blocks, streets, or to sell property therein which has not been subdivided, re-subdivided, platted, or re-platted according to this ordinance.

102.2    :            It shall be unlawful for any person or entity to make improvements to any lot or parcel of land for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes unless improvements are made in accordance with this ordinance.

102.3    :            It shall be unlawful for any person or entity to sell a lot within a platted subdivision prior to approval of the final plat by the Rankin County Board of Supervisors (Board).

102.4    :            It shall be unlawful for any person or entity to record or attempt to record a subdivision plat prior to approval of the final plat as required by this ordinance.

102.5    :            The Rankin County Board of Supervisors may withhold approval and acceptance of any or all proposed improvements to any development, and may withhold issuance of building permits for failure to comply with this ordinance.

102.6    :            All land division or subdivision, into two (2) or more lots or parcels for the purpose of transfer of ownership or development, regardless of size of lot or parcel, shall require a Pre-Application Conference. Based on the results of the Pre-Application Conference, all land division or subdivision, into two (2) or more lots or parcels shall have a plat and description sealed by a registered professional land surveyor licensed in the State of Mississippi.

102.7    :            Dedications or vacations of streets and or alleys, shall require an approved plat or approved revised plat as required by this ordinance except where the effected street(s) or alley(s) are appropriately covered by easements, as required by this ordinance.


103:                 Procedure

103.01:            Developer shall initiate development process with the County Administrator (or designee) at 211 East Government Street, Brandon, Mississippi 39043, (601) 824- 2674. Developer shall submit all data required by this ordinance to County Administrator (or designee) along with other data as may be required by the Rankin County Board of Supervisors.

104:                 Rankin County Board of Supervisors Participation in Development Costs

104.1    :            Policy: It is the policy of the Rankin County Board of Supervisors to require the Developer of the proposed development to bear all costs of required improvements. This includes all direct cost for the design and construction of all on-site improvements as well as any off-site improvements which may be required to existing facilities, such as streets and drainage, made necessary by the proposed development.

104.2    :            Exceptions: On a case by case basis, the Rankin County Board of Supervisors may elect to expend public funds, to the extent allowed by law, for off-site improvements made necessary by the proposed development, if the Board believes that it is in the public interest to make such expenditures. In order to be considered for an exception, the Developer must make a written request to the Board outlining the need for the off-site improvements, the Developer’s opinion of cost of the proposed off-site improvements, and a narrative outlining the advantage to the citizens of Rankin County for the Board to expend public funds on the off-site improvements.


105:                 Definitions

105.01:            See Appendix A



ARTICLE II – Plat Procedure


200:                 Pre-Application Conference (All Development)

200.1    :            Attendees:       Developer, County Administrator (or designee(s)), County Engineer (or designee).

200.2    :            Location:         Office of County Administrator or location designated by County Administrator.

200.3    :            Purpose:          The purpose of the pre-application conference is to allow Developer to inform and educate the County on the intentions of the Developer for the property in question and; for the County to inform and educate the Developer as to the requirements of this ordinance.

200.03.01        Specific topics to be discussed include but are not limited to: 200.03.01A:    Nature of Development.

200.03.01B     Development’s effect on existing traffic.

200.03.01C     Development’s effect on existing stormwater runoff. 200.03.01D     Development’s effect on existing zoning.

200.04:            Record of pre-application conference.

200.04.01:       Minutes of pre-application conference to be kept by County Administrator (or designee) or County Engineer (or designee) on Record of Pre-Application Form (see Appendix B).


201:                 Preliminary Plat Submittal Package

201.01:            One (1) Record of pre-application conference (see Appendix B). 201.02:                        One (1) Application.

201.03:            One (1) Application Fee (see Appendix G, Table G-1 for determination of fee). 201.04:                        Six (6) copies of Preliminary Plat and Description.

201.05:            One (1) copy of Draft Covenants and Restrictions (if applicable). 201.06:

201.07:            Preliminary Plat Requirements:

201.07.01A:    Non-Subdivided Property: Minimum size 8 ½” x 11”; maximum size: 24’ x 36” (20# white paper)

201.7.1        B:    Sub-divided Property: Minimum Paper Size: 18” x 24”: Maximum paper size: 24” x 36” (minimum weight 20# white paper).

201.7.2        :       North Arrow

201.7.3        A:    Scale: Non-subdivided Property: (shown on plat): 1” = 10’, 20’, 30’, 40’, 50’, 60’,

100’, 200’.

201.7.3        B:    Scale: Sub-divided Property: (shown on plat) maximum 1” = 200’ (alternate scales: 1” = 10’, 20’, 30’, 40’, 50’, 60’, 100’).

201.7.4        :       Title block in lower right corner including the following information: 201.07.04A:    Name of Development

201.07.04B:    Name, address, and contact information of Developer

201.07.04C:    Name, address, and contact information of land owner (if different from Developer).

201.07.04D:    Date

201.7.4        E:     If multiple sheets are required to show the entire development at the maximum scale, then Sheet No. and total number of sheets shall also be shown: “Sheet of       

201.7.5        :       Property corner tie to section corner, quarter corner or other acceptable land tie.

201.07.06:                Township, Range, and Section shown.

201.7.7        :       Sealed by Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) or Professional Engineer registered in the state of Mississippi.

201.7.8        :       Include Rankin County Tax Map Parcel number. 201.07.09:       Show access to public street(s).

201.7.10    :       Boundary lines, boundary monuments, and total acreage of total tract to be subdivided. Boundary lines should be bold and easily distinguishable from interior lot lines. Include bearings and distances on all boundary and lot lines.

201.7.11    :       Section Lines

201.7.12    :       Political subdivision line, where applicable; municipal corporate limit lines, county lines, supervisor district lines, etc.

201.7.13    :       All pre-existing permanent easements and/or rights-of-ways (railroads, natural gas company, power transmission/distribution, potable water/sewer, etc.).

201.7.14    :       All proposed easements and rights-of-way, labeled for purpose and intent, and dimensioned, including any protected green spaces, parks, nature areas, etc. The name of the proposed easement holder shall be labeled (by specific name if known or by general type entity; for example: “Subdivision X Homeowner’s Association” or “XYZ Property Management Group”).

201.7.15    :       All public streets adjacent to the property to be subdivided; include average daily traffic (ADT) for all public streets for which the ADT is readily available from the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) or the Central Mississippi Planning and Development District (CMPDD). ADT information, if not readily available, may still be required on a case by case basis.

201.7.16    :       Layout of proposed development showing all lots, lot numbers, lot dimensions, and building setbacks.

201.7.17    :       All adjacent parcels bordering (sharing a common boundary, regardless of length) the proposed development with parcel owner and parcel owner contact information.

201.7.18    :       Vicinity map showing proposed development’s general location within the county or a significant portion of the County. Vicinity map may be an inset on the plat.

201.7.19    :       All floodways and/or flood plains as defined by the most current Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) including flood zone for the entire development as defined by the most current FIRM.

201.7.20    :       Current zoning.

201.7.21    :       Lot density expressed as lots per acre of total development. 201.07.22:       Wetlands delineated on plat.

202:                 Property Description:

202.01:            Minimum Sheet Size: 8 ½” x 11”: maximum size: 8 ½” x 14” (20# white paper).

202.02:                        Type written, black type on white paper.


203:                 Final Plat Submittal Package:

203.1    :            One (1) transmittal letter, on Developer letterhead, requesting approval of final plat.

203.2    :            Six (6) paper copies, three (3) mylar copies, and one (1) chartex (cloth) copy of Final Plat, all 18” X 24”

203.3    :            Surface Asphalt Security (See Appendix G, Table G-1 for determination of security amount).

203.4    :            Record Construction Drawings per Section 319.

203.5    :            Detention/Retention Basin Maintenance Security (See Appendix G, Table G-1 for determination of security amount).

203.6    :            Warranty letter on Developer’s letterhead, warranting all improvements dedicated to the County for two (2) years from the date of acceptance of the street surface wearing course.

203.7    :            Warranty letter on Developer’s letterhead, warranting all construction and maintenance of the detention/retention basin(s) (if applicable) until the Surface Asphalt Security for the streets in the applicable phase of the development to be served by the basin is returned to the Developer.

203.8    :            Evidence of establishment of or contractual agreement with a maintenance management authority such as a home-owners association or property management group.

203.9    :            Final Plat Requirements

203.09.01:       All pertinent requirements of Section 201.07. 203.09.02:       Street Name(s)

203.09.03:       All certifications listed in Appendix D.

204:                 Application

204.01:            See Appendix C



ARTICLE III – Required Improvements and Design Standards


300:                 Property Improvements

300.1    :            Perimeter Boundary Monuments: Changes of direction (bearing) of all perimeter boundary lines shall be marked with a concrete monument. The monument shall be 4” x 4” square or 4” in diameter and a minimum of eighteen inches (18”) long. The monument shall have a 1/2” diameter x 12” long steel rod in it’s center protruding ½” above the top of the concrete. The monument shall be buried such that 2” to 4” of the monument extends above the ground surface.

300.2    :            Lot Corners: All lot corners shall be marked with a ½” diameter x 18” long steel rod, buried such that the top of the rod extends 1” to 3” above the ground surface.

300.3    :            Rights-of-Ways and Permanent Easements: Right-of-way boundaries and permanent easement boundaries shall be marked with concrete markers at 500’ intervals and at all changes in direction (bearing) of the boundaries. Concrete monuments shall conform to the dimensions of Section 300.01. Monuments shall be buried flush with ground surface.

300.4    :            Minimum lot size:

300.4.1        :       Residential: Per current Zoning Ordinance

300.4.2        :       Commercial/Industrial: Per current Zoning Ordinance

300.5    :            Minimum Street Frontage:

300.5.1        :       Residential: Per current Zoning Ordinance

300.5.2        :       Commercial/Industrial: Per current Zoning Ordinance

300.06:            Blocks

300.06.01:       At least 400’ long and not more than 1320’ long


301:                 Master Drainage Plan and Rough Grading

301.1    :            The Developer shall provide a master drainage plan for the entire development and a rough grading plan for the phase(s) of the development for which the application pertains. All proposed drainage, runoff conveyance systems, drainage structures, and detention/retention basins shall take in account the master drainage plan for the entire development. Developer shall explore the effects of the proposed development on existing lake and pond dams including but not limited to runoff from the development for lakes and ponds downstream of the development and the possible change in dam classification for lakes and ponds upstream of the development.

301.2    :            Master drainage plan shall include existing and proposed contours on five foot (5’) intervals. Readily available contour data such as recent LIDAR or digital quadrangle maps is acceptable for this purpose. The plan shall include direction of flow arrows.

301.3    :            Grading plan(s) for the phase of a development for which the application pertains shall include existing and proposed contours to one foot (1’) intervals. Readily available contour data such as recent LIDAR is acceptable for this purpose. Each proposed lot within the development shall include finished contours indicating the proposed drainage for that lot. The grading plan must be sealed by a professional engineer (PE) registered in the State of Mississippi.

301.4    :            A swale shall be provided between each lot in developments defined as “Medium Density” in the current Zoning Ordinance. Runoff may be designed to go to the front or the rear of the lot. Direction of runoff flow shall be indicated by flow arrows. Swales may not be required if the adjacent land is common area.


302:                 Public Access

302.1    :            Public access shall be provided for all developments except for those conditions specifically provided for in Section 303.

302.2    :            Public access shall be provided through the connection of a street (or streets) within the development to existing public street(s).

302.3    :            Public access within the development shall be designed to the standards presented herein.

302.4    :            Public access, and associated rights-of-way and easements, within the development must be dedicated to the County.

302.5    :            All parcels and lots within the development must have access to an existing public street or to the streets within the development that are to be dedicated to the County.

302.6    :            Developer may be required to make off-site improvements to existing public streets if traffic analysis determines that the existing public street does not have sufficient capacity and or operational functionality to provide the proper level of service for the existing public street, once the development is fully developed.

302.7    :            Developer MAY be required to provide a Haul Bond for repair of streets with accelerated damage due to Developer’s material hauling operations. Developer shall outline the proposed haul route(s) for the development on a county map. The necessity for a Haul Bond will be made on a case by case basis depending on the haul route(s) selected, and the decision as to whether a Haul Bond will be required shall be made in the sole discretion of the Rankin County Road Manager and/or the Rankin County Consulting Engineer which decision shall be final. The amount of the Haul Bond shall be as designated in Appendix G, Table G-2. The Haul Bond shall be returned to the Developer upon repair of the damage to the haul route streets caused by the hauling operations to the development covered under the Haul Bond as determined by the County Engineer or his designee.


303:                 Private Streets/Gated Developments

303.1    Developer may request, in writing, from the Board, that the streets within the development remain the property of the Developer (or his assignee). If granted by the Board, maintenance of the streets within the development will remain the responsibility of the Developer (or assignee).

303.2    :            Developer must submit a twenty year maintenance plan, for Board approval, for all private streets. The maintenance plan must include a schedule for maintenance, including overlay, an opinion of the cost of the scheduled maintenance, and the source of funding for the scheduled maintenance.

303.3    :            Developer must also provide an Emergency Access Plan to the development. The plan shall include emergency access for police, fire, medical, rescue, electric power supplier, natural gas supplier (if applicable), and other services or utilities as may be required by the Board. Developer’s emergency access plan must be reviewed and approved by Rankin County Emergency Management, primary responding police department, primary responding fire department, and primary responding medical service. Approval of said agencies shall be evidenced by the appropriate signatures affixed to the Emergency Access Plan prior to submittal to the Board for review.

303.4    :            Developer must also provide a Scheduled Service Plan that must include Developer’s plan for access for mail service, school bus service, potable water service personnel, sanitary sewer service personnel, telephone service personnel, cable television service personnel, and any and all other service personnel that may be identified.

303.5    :            Plats shall clearly indicate that streets are not public and will not be maintained by the County.

303.6    :            Documents used for the transfer of ownership of lots within the development shall include verbiage which clearly states that the streets within the development are not public streets and that the County will not maintain the streets. The documents shall also include verbiage that explains how the maintenance of the streets will be financed. The developer shall provide a sample copy of the document to be used for County review.

303.7    :            Entrances from public streets to all gated communities shall include a ”turn- around” on the public side of the gate to allow traffic to re-access the public street in a forward movement without passing through the gate.


304:                 Easements

304.1    :            Permanent easements shall be provided for all utilities serving the development, including but not limited to: potable water, sanitary sewer, natural gas, cable television, electric power, telephone, drainage. The permanent easements shall be dedicated to a Homeowner’s Association for residential developments or a management authority for commercial developments. Easements may not be dedicated to the County for maintenance.

304.2    :            Multiple utilities may be proposed within the same easement unless prohibited by law or State agency regulation.

304.3    :            Easement widths may vary depending on the number of utilities being proposed within the easement but shall be a minimum of ten feet (10’) in width and shall be parallel and adjacent to the proposed street right-of-way along both sides of each proposed street

304.4    :            Drainage easements shall have a minimum width of fifteen feet (15’).


305:                 Floodplain Areas

305.1    :            Floodways, flood plains, and flood zone as identified by the most current FIRM for the development, must be indicated on plats and construction drawings.

305.2    :            Development within floodways that involve placement of fill will require a “No- Rise” certificate.

305.4    :            Structures placed within flood plains shall have a minimum finished floor elevation (FFE) of 1.5’ above the 100 year flood base flood elevation (BFE).

305.5    :            Development in areas where no 100 year flood elevation has been established, shall consider historical flooding, when determining FFE’s and final elevations of proposed improvements.


306:                 Stormwater Detention /Retention

306.1    :            General: A hydrological analysis of the development shall be conducted to determine the amount of stormwater runoff in various storm events. Methodology for conducting hydrological analysis may be the Rational Method, USGS 1991 report, SCS methods, or other, industry accepted methodology.  Storm events to be evaluated are: 2yr-24 hr, 5 yr-24 hr, 10 yr-24 hr, 25 yr-24 hr, 50 yr-24 hr, and 100 yr-24 hr. The detention/retention basin shall be designed to retain the stormwater runoff from the first one inch (1”) of rainfall. All components of the stormwater detention/retention shall comply with the most current version of the Rankin County Stormwater Ordinance.

306.1.1        :       Modeling software incorporating methodologies specified in Section 306.01 may be used. All assumptions, input data, and results shall be clearly disguisable on the software output.

306.1.2        : The hydrological analysis shall include a pre-construction map depicting drainage basin(s) and runoff data for each basin; and a post construction map depicting the revised drainage basins and runoff data for each basin.

306.1.3        :       Stormwater runoff from post developed site shall not exceed runoff from pre- developed site in any evaluated storm event.

306.1.4        :       As described in Section 203.07, Developer shall provide a warranty for all construction and maintenance of the detention/retention basin as part of the Final Plat approval process. The warranty shall be in effect until the Surface Asphalt Security for the applicable phase of the development being served by the basin has been released to the Developer. Simultaneous with the release of the basin warranty, the Developer shall fund or have caused to be funded, a Detention/Retention Basin Reserve Fund solely for the use by the HOA or property management group to conduct repairs and maintenance on the basin. The HOA covenants or management group operating procedures shall include language that guarantees the adequate funding of the Detention/Retention Basin Reserve Fund. The HOA or management group shall use the reserve fund to conduct routine maintenance (mowing, etc.) and necessary repairs. The minimum balance in the Detention/Retention Basin Reserve Fund shall be as calculated in Table G-1.

306.1.5        :       Documents used for the transfer of ownership of lots within the development shall include verbiage which clearly states that the detention/retention basin(s) are not public facilities and will not be maintained by the County (except in cases of emergency). The documents shall include verbiage as to how the detention/retention basin(s) will be operated and maintained and shall name the entity responsible for operation and maintenance. The developer shall provide a sample copy of the document to be used for County review.

306.1.6        :       Stormwater detention/retention design shall be sealed by a professional engineer (PE) registered in the State of Mississippi.

306.1.7        :       The County will collect field data at the conclusion of all construction activities to verify that actual construction of the detention/retention basin comply with the provided design.

306.2    :            Detention: Depressions, ponds, basins, or other means shall be included to provide storage volumes in accordance with the requirements of Section 306.01.03.

306.2.1        :       Design depth of storage must not exceed three feet (3’) unless the basin is enclosed by a commercial grade woven wire fabric fence a minimum of six feet (6’) high. Emergency spillways shall be provided as required.

306.2.2        :       Earthen Detention: Back-slopes shall not be steeper than 4:1. Fore-slopes shall not be steeper than 3:1. Bottom of basin shall be sloped to outfall structure. A paved flume shall be provided in the center of the bottom. Paved flume shall extend from the outfall structure to the detention boundary farthest from the outfall structure.

306.2.3        :       Outfall Structure shall be designed to detain the required volume of runoff and also allowing the detention volume to completely drain within 30 hours of the end of the storm event. Structure shall also be designed to maintain discharge in the presence of trash and debris that tends to collect around discharge structures.

306.2.4        :       Designs of detention storage, other than earthen basins, may be provided.

306.3    :            Retention: Ponds or basins which retain some water at all times. The calculated required storage volume must be provided above the normal pool water level of the retention basin.

306.3.1        :       Emergency Spillway shall be provided.

306.3.2        :       Earthen Retention: Back-slopes shall not be steeper than 4:1; Fore-slopes shall not be steeper than 3:1.

306.3.3        :       Outfall Structure shall be designed to detain the required volume of runoff and retain the water surface at normal pool operating level. The detained volume of stormwater runoff shall drain and the retention area returned to normal pool elevation within 30 hours of the end of the storm event. The outfall structure shall include a drain to allow total draining of the retention area. Structure shall also be designed to maintain discharge in the presence of trash and debris that tends to collect around discharge structures.

306.3.4        :       Retention basins shall also be reviewed by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Dam Division. The retention basin shall comply with all applicable design standards required by the MDEQ Dam Division. Developer shall provide a copy of MDEQ approval letter.


307:                 Streets (Private and Proposed Public)

307.1    :            Streets must be designed according to the requirements set forth in Appendix E.

307.2    :            Street design must be sealed by a professional engineer (PE) registered in the State of Mississippi.

307.3    :            A geotechnical investigation shall be provided for all streets within the development. The investigation shall be conducted and sealed by a professional engineer (PE) registered in the State of Mississippi. At a minimum, the investigation should include soil borings along the centerline of the proposed street(s) at 250 foot intervals. Depth of borings shall be a minimum of five feet (5’).

307.4    :            Curb and gutter in residential developments is optional but, if proposed, must meet the requirements of Appendix E.

307.5    :            Alleys

307.5.1        :       Alleys may be provided, in commercial and industrial zones only, for service access to interior lots.

307.5.2        :       Minimum right-of-way for alleys shall be twenty-five feet (25’). 307.05.03:                Minimum lane width for alleys shall be fifteen feet (15’).

307.5.4        :       Alleys may not be dedicated to the County for maintenance. Maintenance responsibility shall remain with the Developer or his assignee.

307.5.5        :       Dead-end alleys will not be permitted.

307.6    :            Asphalt surface

307.6.1        :       Asphalt surface course shall not be installed until 80% of the lots have been developed.

307.6.2        :       Upon completion of asphalt base coarse but prior to final plat approval, Developer shall provide to the County a Surface Asphalt security. The amount of the security shall be as calculated in Table G-1. The security may be provided by a performance bond, an irrevocable letter of credit, or certified cashier’s check.

307.7    :            Pavement markings shall adhere to the requirements of the most current edition of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

307.8    :            Warranty

307.08.01:       Upon completion of all surface asphalt, striping, and signage, Developer shall provide, on Developer’s letterhead, a one (1) year warranty on the final surface coarse asphalt for all collector streets and a two (2) year warranty on the final surface coarse asphalt on all arterial streets. Upon receipt of the warranty letter, the County will release the Surface Asphalt Security.


308:                 Drainage

308.1    :            Drainage improvements must be designed to the requirements set forth in Appendix F.

308.2    :            All drainage pipes shall be installed with a full perimeter filter cloth wrap at each joint. The filter cloth shall meet the requirements of Type V geotextile fabric as specified in Table 714.13.11 of the Standard Specifications for State Aid Road and Bridge Construction, 2004 Edition. The wrap shall be a minimum of twelve inches wide and of sufficient length to provide twelve inches of overlap for the diameter of pipe being installed.

308.3    :            Drainage design must be sealed by a professional engineer (PE) registered in the State of Mississippi.

308.4    :            Design methodology shall be generally accepted methodology for Central Mississippi. County Engineer may recommend to the Board that additional study or calculation be provided by Developer if County Engineer believes that it is in the public interest to do so.

308.5    :            Major natural drainage conveyance may not be altered without prior approval of the County Engineer. Major drainage conveyance systems shall be any conveyance system that requires a pipe greater than 36” in diameter when the flow is calculated per Appendix F. Pipes with diameters greater than 36” will not be allowed outside the right-of-way to be dedicated to the County. Alterations to major drainage conveyance systems shall primarily be open channel sections with hard armored inverts and slopes.


309:                 Potable Water

309.1    :            Developer shall submit a “Letter of Intent to Serve” from the potable water provider for the development.

309.2    :            Developer shall submit review letter from the Mississippi Department of Health (MDOH) approving the potable water system for the development prior to placement of base asphalt.

309.3    :            The County will not review or approve details of the potable water system.

309.4                              The “as constructed” potable water system shall be shown on the roadway Record Drawings.


310:                 Sanitary Sewer

310.1    :            Developer shall submit a “Letter of Intent to Serve” from the sanitary sewer provider for the development (if applicable).

310.2    :            Developer shall submit review letter from Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) approving the sanitary sewer system, collection and treatment, for the development prior to the placement of base asphalt.

310.3    :            The County will not review or approve details of the sanitary sewer collection and treatment system.

310.4    :            If individual treatment systems will be provided for each lot, Developer must provide a letter from the Rankin County Sanitarian confirming that the development has been approved for individual treatment systems.

310.5                              The “as constructed” sanitary sewer system shall be shown on the roadway Record Drawings.


311:                 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

311.1    Developer shall submit a copy of the review letter from the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) approving the SWPPP for the development (if required by State Law).

311.2    :            Developer shall submit a copy of the SWPPP for the development.

311.3    :            Developer shall submit a copy of the Construction Notice of Intent (CNOI) for developments that disturb more than one (1) acre.

311.4    :            For developments larger than five (5) acres, Developer shall submit a copy of the Large Construction Stormwater Permit Certificate of Coverage.

311.5    :            For subdivided property, Developer shall submit a copy of Individual Lot Coverage Registration Form.

311.6    :            SWPPP designs shall be consistent with MDEQ standards.


312:                 Lighting

312.1    :            All streets within the development that are to be dedicated to the County and are proposed to include lighting (optional at Developer’s discretion) must adhere to the following minimum requirements:

312.1.1        :       Lights shall be provided at all intersections, and every 200 feet between intersections. Spacing in excess of 200’ may be acceptable in low density, rural areas.

312.1.2        :       Lights shall be mounted to concrete or decorative metal poles specifically designed for use with overhead street lighting.

312.1.3        :       Lights shall be 150 watt high pressure sodium (HPS).

312.1.4        :       Lights shall be mounted with a minimum clearance from the driving surface of fifteen feet (15’).

312.1.5        :       Lights shall be maintained by homeowners’ associations, property management groups or private individuals. The County will not be responsible for power bills or maintenance of lights.


313:                 Landscaping

313.1    :            Landscaping shall be provided at all intersections of streets within the development with existing public streets.

313.2    :            At a minimum, landscaping shall include complete grass cover for all non-paved areas of the public right-of-way.

313.3    :            Additional landscaping may be provided but shall not interfere with the line of sight for drivers approaching the intersection.


314:                 Lakes

314.1    :            All lakes proposed within the development or adjacent to the development must be reviewed and have the approval of the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Dam Division.

314.2    :            Developer shall submit evidence that lake has been reviewed and approved by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Dam Division.


315:                 Signage

315.1    :            Signage shall be provided, by developer, for all street names. Signs shall be located at intersections.

315.2    :            Developer shall also provide and install off—site signage (such as “Intersection Ahead” or “Side Road Ahead”) made necessary by the addition of the street(s) within the new development.

315.3    :            Off-site, informational signage shall include street name placards. Street name placards shall be consist with existing placards in the area of the new development.

315.4    :            Developer shall provide and install all regulatory signs required by the most current edition of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

315.5    :            Speed limits for all streets within the development shall be set by the Board.


316:                 Utility Crossings

316.1    :            All utilities, except drainage and sanitary sewer services, crossing public streets to be dedicated to the County shall be placed in casing.

316.2    :            Casing may be SDR 26 PVC, A 36 steel, or high density polyethylene (HDPE).


317:                 Construction Documents (Drawings and Specifications)

317.1    :            Construction drawings shall be submitted for review after approval of preliminary plat.

317.1.1        :       Construction drawings shall be prepared on 24” x 36” white paper with black line work. Some color may be acceptable if it is provided to clarify the intent of the drawing.

317.1.2        :       Construction drawings shall include a title sheet with all pertinent information including but not limited to:

317.01.02A:    Name of Development

317.01.02B:    Vicinity Map (showing development’s location within the County)  

317.01.02C:    Name and contact information of Developer

317.01.02D:   Seal of professional engineer (P.E.) responsible for design of improvements

317.01.02E:     Sheet index

317.01.02F:     Date

317.01.02G:    Note stating that drawings are for review only, not for construction. After drawings have been accepted by County, the note can be removed or revised to indicate that the drawings are approved construction drawings.

317.01.02H:    The construction drawings shall be organized in an orderly manner and be legible, facilitating ease of review.

317.02:            Specifications shall be submitted on 8 ½” x 11” white paper with black type. Specification shall be organized in an orderly, logical manner, generally presented in the same order as the construction drawings.


318:                 County Review

318.1    :            Pre-construction

318.1.1        :       Pre-application conference: County shall review all information presented at the pre-application conference and inform Developer of any special issues which will need to be addressed. Within five working days of completion of the pre- application conference, County will notify the Developer, in writing, of any special needs or reasons why additional review time is required. County will also notify Developer of the amount of the Application Fee required to be submitted with the application.

318.1.2        :       Application for Development: County will begin review of application upon receipt of application and required Application Fee. Within five working days of submittal of application, County will notify the Developer, in writing, of approval or rejection (with reasons) or reasons why additional review time is required.

318.1.3        :       Preliminary Plat: In conjunction with submittal of the Application for Development, Developer may submit preliminary plat. Within thirty days of submittal of preliminary plat, County will notify the Developer, in writing, of approval or rejection (with reasons) or reasons why additional review time is required. Developer shall submit Construction Drawings to the County for review within one year of the date of approval of the Application. If the Construction Drawings are not submitted to the County within one year of the date of approval of the Application then the Application may be deemed forfeited due to lack of activity and the Developer may be required to re-start the process for development with a new Pre-Application Conference.

318.1.4        :       Construction Documents: Construction drawings and specifications may be submitted after County approval of the preliminary plat. Construction documents shall be submitted with the appropriate Construction Drawing Review Fee. Within thirty days of submittal of construction documents, County will notify the Developer, in writing, of approval or rejection (with reasons) or reasons why additional review time is required. Developer shall begin construction within one year of the date of approval of the Construction Drawings. If the construction has not commenced within one year of the date of approval of the Construction Drawings or if construction has ceased for a continuous period of one year from the initial start of construction then the development may be deemed abandoned and the Developer may be required to re-start the process for development with a new Pre-Application Conference.

318.2    :            Construction Phase

318.2.1        :       Developer may begin construction of improvements to development once the construction documents have been reviewed and approved by the County and the Construction Field Observation Fee and any required Haul Bond is received by the County.

318.2.2        :       Any construction activity that the County is unable to observe due to the actions or inactions of the Developer or his agents shall be deemed a “failure” under this ordinance. The following construction activities are required to be observed by the County prior to proceeding with additional activities:

318.02.02A        :    Installation of all SWPPP best management practices (BMPs) must be installed prior to displacement of native material or placement of borrow material. County must review installed SWPPP BMPs prior to displacement of native material or placement of borrow material. Developer shall be responsible for contacting County Engineer (or designee) after installation of BMPs. Within two working days of notification by Developer that BMPs have been installed, County Engineer (or designee) will notify Developer that construction may proceed or provide reasons why construction may not proceed.

318.02.02B:    Drainage pipes: All drainage pipe installations must be observed by the County Engineer (or designee) prior to placement of backfill.

318.02.02C:    Curb and gutter (where applicable) sub-grade shall be proof-rolled to demonstrate stability. Density will be determined by Developer provided nuclear density testing.

318.02.02D:    Street sub-grade shall be proof-rolled to demonstrate stability. Density will be determined by Developer provided nuclear density testing.

318.02.02E:    Placement of all asphalt, base and surface, shall be observed by the County Engineer (or designee).

318.02.02F:     It shall be the Developer’s (or designee) responsibility to coordinate with County for the required observations. Cost of initial visit by County, County Engineer (or designee) shall be included in the Construction Field Observation Fee. Cost of re-visits to observe testing that initially failed will be the responsibility of the Developer.

318.3    :            Post-construction

318.3.1        :       Developer shall coordinate a final review by County Engineer (or designee) after all infrastructure improvements have been completed, with the exception of surface asphalt.

318.3.2        :       Developer shall provide Surface Asphalt Security after County concurrence that all infrastructure improvements have been properly made, with the exception of placement of surface asphalt. The intent of the bond is to provide the County with financial resources to repair infrastructure improvements, damaged during other construction within the development, prior to the placement of surface asphalt. The amount of the security shall be as provided for in Appendix G. The security will be returned to the Developer upon County acceptance of Developer placed surface asphalt unless Developer elects to use the security as the surface asphalt warranty security described in Section 307.08.

318.3.3        :       Developer shall provide Detention/Retention Maintenance Security as hereinbefore described in Section 306.01.04.


319:                 Record Drawings:

319.01:            The Developer shall provide record drawings on a compact disk containing digital information of all the data indicated in the construction drawings. The horizontal data shall be 1983 State Plane Coordinate Mississippi West Zone. The vertical data shall be NAVD 88. Developer shall also submit one hardcopy set of record drawings.



ARTILCE IV - Miscellaneous


400:     Variances

400.1    :            The Board may grant variances to the requirements presented within this ordinance, if, in the opinion of the Board, adherence to certain requirements is not in the public interest or does not advance public safety.

400.2    :            Requests for variances must be made in writing and shall include documentation supporting the request.

400.02.01:       Requests for variances in Section III requirements shall be supported by documentation from a professional engineer (PE) registered in the state of Mississippi.


401:     Penalties

401.1    :            It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, entity or corporation to make improvements to property without a proper County permit.

401.2    :            It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, entity, or corporation to sale portions of a tract of land or lots within sub-divided property using an unapproved or unrecorded plat.

401.3    :            Any person, firm, entity, or corporation committing the act(s) described in Sections 102.01, 102.02, 102.03, 102.04, 401.01 and or 401.02 shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction, may be punishable by a monetary fine not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) per occurrence.

401.4    :            Each violation and each day of failure to comply with this ordinance shall constitute a separate violation.


402:     Amendments

402.01:            This ordinance may be amended by the Board.


403:     Validity

403.01:            If for any reason any section, paragraph, clause, phrase, or provision of this ordinance should be held invalid, it shall not affect the remaining portions of this ordinance or any other regulation or ordinance of the County to which this ordinance may relate.


404:     Repealer

404.01:            All regulations, ordinances, parts of regulations or ordinances found to be in conflict with the requirements of this ordinance, are hereby repealed to the extent necessary to give this ordinance full force and effect.


405:     Fees

405.01:            All fees and bonds will be as indicated in Appendix G.


406:     Effective Date

June 1, 2017


Appendix A Definitions
Appendix B Record of Pre-Application Conference 
Appendix C Application
Appendix D List of Plat Certifications 
Appendix E Street Design Standards 
Appendix F Drainage Design Standards 
Appendix G Fees and Bond Calculations



The Rankin County Board of Supervisors



For the purposes of this ordinance, "County" shall mean Rankin County, Mississippi


County Engineer  

Professional engineer (PE) registered in the state of Mississippi, employed by or under contract to the Rankin County Board of Supervisors.



Storage of stormwater runoff within an impoundment for a defined time period during and after a rainfall event.



Any person, firm, entity, or corporation engaged in making improvements to a parcel or tract of land, or sub‐dividing a parcel or tract of land for the intent of sale or development of the individual lots.



A term which may refer to individual components of a system conveying stormwater runoff, or the entire system as a whole; or the overland flow of stormwater runoff.



Permission granted from property owner to a second party for a described piece of property, for the specific purpose of operating and or maintaining a utility or infrastructure system.


Haul Bond  

For the purposes of this ordinance, "haul bond" shall be defined as a method of security or collateral for the purpose of protecting the county public roads. The county prefers the use of Letters of Credit as th emothod of collateral under this ordinance



Any physical change to a lot, parcel or tract of land with the exception of maintenance mowing of grass or bailing of hay



Drainage systems, streets and bridges, and utilities.



Storage of stormwater runoff in an impoundment for a defined time period during and after a rainfall event, said storage being above the normal water surface elevation provided in a permanent water feature.



For this ordinance, road shall equal street



Runoff from rainfall events


Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plann (SWPPP)  

A site specific plan to reduce erosion produced by stormwater runoff and prevent discharge of sediment or other objectionable materials from the site.



A public or private thoroughfare for vehicular travel.


Subdivision   Legally seperating an larger tract of property into two or more smaller lots or parcels of property.


Refer to the PDF document for Applications and other information.